The modem does not connect the megaphone to the computer. How to configure the modem megaphone

  1. How to install the modem Megaphone
  2. How to turn on the Megaphone modem
  3. Modem Settings Megaphone
  4. How to connect?
  5. Router selection
  6. Connection and setting parameters
  7. Connection setup
  8. Connection Steps

With the help of a modem from "Megaphone" you can at any time go online and be in touch with your family and friends. But, unfortunately, not everyone knows how to install and connect it correctly. If you are faced with a modem connection problem, then read the information in the article.

How to install the modem Megaphone

The most important thing to remember is to connect the newly purchased “Megaphone” modem when you fully boot your computer or laptop. When the device is connected via USB to the computer, the software will automatically start. And, as soon as the operating system detects a new connected device, information will appear in the lower right corner of the desktop of the screen about the start of the installation of the necessary parameters. After that, you must click on the screen on the inscription "ok." Next, install the driver on the computer.

After all these actions, the program will start automatically. Here you will need to click on the block labeled AutoRun, thereby launching the necessary installation command automatically. Then all new programs are installed by default on the “C” drive in the “Program Files” folder. Then click “next” and place a shortcut on your desktop. Now the necessary software for the modem is successfully installed. And you can proceed directly to access to the Internet.

How to turn on the Megaphone modem

On your desktop, click on the label "Megaphone Internet". Next in the dialog box - "Connect". Type in the browser search bar any address or question. If the Internet page opened quickly enough, it means that the data transfer speed is good, and you can walk quietly through the Internet. If it became necessary to disconnect the modem, in the dialog box of the “Megaphone Internet” program, click the “disable” function.

Modem Settings Megaphone

By default, absolutely all settings are set up for direct access to the Internet. If you are not particularly good at working on your computer, then you should not change anything in these settings, as this may affect network access. The modem turns off when you click the "disable" button in the program and there is no need to immediately pull the device out of the USB port of a laptop or computer right at the moment when the Internet is turned off.

“MegaFon-Modem” is a kit for wireless access to the network from home, office, car, cafe or any other place where there is a cellular connection. Thanks to EDGE technology, MegaFon-Modem has an Internet connection speed of 200 Kbps. MegaFon kit includes a modem or PC card, a SIM card with a special tariff plan, a CD with drivers and a program for connecting to the Internet, instructions for setting up the equipment. To connect to the Internet via MegaFon-Modem, you need to perform a few simple steps.

You will need

MegaFon-Modem Kit

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Insert the SIM card with metal contacts down into the corresponding slot of the modem or PC card. If a PC card is included in your MegaFon kit, connect an antenna to it.

Put the CD in the drive of the computer. Wait for the Wireless Manager installer to automatically download and complete the addition of the software to your hard drive, following the system prompts.

Install a modem or PC-card in the desired computer connector. Wait for the notification about the successful installation of drivers for the new device.

Open the installed program to connect the modem or PC card to the network. If you need to enter a PIN code, enter it in the appropriate field.

Wait for the radio signal strength indicator and operator name to appear in the Wireless Manager program window. Click on the "magic wand" image.

In the window that appears, check the box “Create a new connection”, write the name of the new connection and click “Next”.

Set the GPRS / EDGE item as the data connection type. Select "Megaphone" from the list of available operators, located at the bottom of the screen. In case the required Internet service provider is not in this list, check the “Other” box. Click "Next".

Check that the GPRS / EDGE entry is listed as the access point, and then click the Next button again. If necessary, in the form that appears, enter the username and password to access the network. To create a connection without using this data, just leave the fields blank. Click "Next".

To enter additional parameters required for network access, select the Advanced option in the Access Point section. Specify the address of the access point, DNS address, login and password provided by the operator.

Click Finish to complete the creation of a new connection. To access the Internet, select the connection type from the list on the screen and click the “Connect” button.

How simple

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Modern technology is developing rapidly. Even in the absence of high-quality wired Internet in remote locations, the mobile version comes to the rescue. Let's take a look at how to connect WiFi via the Megaphone modem and distribute the Internet to all portable devices in the house.

How to connect?

This issue must be approached with all seriousness. Therefore, we divide all instructions into logical points, the implementation of which is mandatory for the work of the Internet.

Router selection

This is a key factor. Not all models have the appropriate connector and the function to distribute the Internet from modems. Therefore, study the parameters of your router and, if necessary, buy a new one. Main characteristics:

Main characteristics:

Connection and setting parameters

First, plug the USB modem into the appropriate port on the router. Everything. The main part is complete. Now it remains to set certain parameters and configure the connection. For this:

For this:

Now you can proceed to the most subtle Internet distribution settings via a modem.

Connection setup

The new routers feature automatic configuration of the connection of a 3G modem. For this you need (consider the example of TP-Link router):

For this you need (consider the example of TP-Link router):

If you have an outdated device and firmware, for a successful setup, you need to know the data of the mobile operator, such as APN, login and password. The connection algorithm also changes. We give data from MegaFon:

  • APN - internet;
  • Login - gdata;
  • Password - gdata.

It remains to enter these data into the appropriate fields. To do this, follow these steps:

To do this, follow these steps:

To connect a 4G modem, everything is much simpler:

  1. In the "Connection Type" row, select "3".
  2. In the "Provider" field, select the country and operator. For example, Russia and MegaFon.
  3. Further, the remaining fields will be filled in automatically, just click “Save” and restart the router.

Now you know how to connect WiFi via MegaFon modem. Similarly, this can be done with other operators, and the Internet will be in the entire home LAN. If you have any questions - write them in the comments.

Megafon modems are very convenient when traveling to a country house or to any other place where there is no wired connection. You can buy them in any communication salon of a cellular operator. But how to connect a megaphone modem correctly to access the Internet on high speed ? The tips below will help subscribers solve this problem.

Connection Steps

To connect to a laptop, you need to turn on the device and wait until the operating system is fully loaded. At the next stage, you need to take a modem and insert a sim card into its side slot. It should be remembered that on the account of this number there must be a positive balance or the corresponding tariff plan with unlimited Internet from Megafon must be connected.

The modem needs to be inserted into the free input for usb-devices and see if notifications appear on the laptop screen. If the modem from the megaphone is in good condition, then after a minute, the device will report that the installation of the program “Megaphone Internet” has begun. All the necessary drivers for the program will automatically appear in the system.

After the equipment is installed, the subscriber of the cellular company needs to enter the “Device Manager” and see if the modem works correctly. Then the registration of the device in the network will begin, and the color indicator will notify it. Depending on the signal level and Internet speed, it can be blue or green. Now the equipment is fully ready to work, and you can safely go to your favorite sites or social networks.

If your computer is running the Windows operating system, then installing a Megaphone modem should not cause you any difficulty. The first step that needs to be taken is to install a modem into the slot of a standard USB port. As soon as you do this, a dialog box will appear on the monitor screen containing an item with a suggestion to run the autorun.exe file. Select this item by clicking the mouse thus launching the installation wizard of the new equipment - Megaphone modem.

The wizard guides the user step by step through the entire process of installing the modem. Thanks to him, no special knowledge in how to connect a Megaphone modem is needed. Megafon modem connection is carried out in several steps, corresponding to separate windows of the wizard:

  1. The window with the license agreement. Most of the domestic software users are useless to persuade to read the license text and, nevertheless, if you are a responsible and competent person, familiarize yourself with its contents before proceeding to the next stage. Click the "Next" button.
  2. The next screen contains a field for specifying the modem software installation folder. You can accept the default value or specify a different folder.
  3. A window containing the text displayed in the "Start" menu. With this value, you can do the same as with the previous one.
  4. The wizard completion window with the “Finish” button. By pressing this button we finish the installation process and go to the “Megaphone Modem” window in which you can check the operation of the connection.

At the end of the installation process of the modem software, the main window of the “Megaphone Modem” program will automatically appear, but if you use the Internet daily, you need to use the shortcut on the desktop or the corresponding Start menu item to start it. The main window of the program contains a large “Connect” button, after clicking on which the modem opens a communication session and the inscription on the button changes to “Disconnect” - it will need to be clicked again upon completion of work with the Internet.

How to connect?