How to make a hard reset on the Chinese lenovo. Factory Mode on Android: what it is and how to get out of it

  1. Software Hard Reset
  2. Hard Reset Hardware
  3. Hard Reset in Chinese
  4. Hard reset via computer
  5. How to enable Factory Mode?
  6. How to exit Factory Mode?

We have already reviewed all the basic and theoretical questions about Hard Reset or resetting the gadget to factory settings. When and for what it should be done, and what will happen after full reset . If you have not fully understood the whole point of this operation, we recommend that you re-refer to the beginning and read everything carefully. Perhaps the harm from dumping will be much more tangible for you than the benefit gained. So let's get started!

Software Hard Reset

This type of discharge is so severe and hard to understand that only a real guru of mobile technologies and ... a woman Varya from a neighboring entrance can master it. Yes, of course, a software reset is only suitable if the operating system boots. But on the other hand, no special knowledge is required for its implementation, but all you need is just tapunti three times on the screen and your smartphone or tablet is pristine and free from all programs and toys that have managed to clog his memory.
How to make a soft reset: “Settings”> “Restore and Reset” -> “Reset Settings”.

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Attention! All your data, contacts, sms, programs and toys, photos and videos from the camera will be erased! Camera files, this applies if you have not configured to save the captured images and videos to the memory card.

Hard Reset Hardware

If the phone does not load the OS, and hangs somewhere at the beginning, or does not show signs of life at all due to gross intervention in its program part, you can try hardware reset . Most gadgets can do this pretty in a simple way . First you need to turn off the device.

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Simply turn on by pressing the power button, and then, depending on the model, press the Power, Vol- and Home buttons or only the first two buttons simultaneously. You need to keep them for a long time until the system menu appears on the screen. It will be on English language . But you should not be afraid. Use the volume rocker to scroll down to the “Wipe data / Factory Reset” item and select it, and then enjoy the process of disposing of accumulated useless data that interferes with the normal operation of your phone or tablet.

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Hard Reset in Chinese

However, often there is a situation when your thoroughly noble and European phone suddenly turns Chinese menu Hard reset . Who is smarter already guessed how to make a hard reset in Chinese . Well, those who are still waiting for tips, we suggest. Look at the menu item with a slash. This is such a “/” slash. Or just count by analogy in order from above.
If you still have difficulties, you can still search for a menu item containing the abbreviations eMMC or MMC at the end. This is the desired item for hard reset chinese phone and tablet. Look at the screenshots below.

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Hard reset via computer

In the most difficult and neglected case, when the carcass could not be revived by any of the methods described above, then we use heavy artillery - Android Debug Bridge. This is a software developer tool for Android OS. But it is useful to us first of all because it can send the necessary commands to the mobile gadget connected to the computer via USB. Full information on ADB and you can find it in the network. In this case, its use is limited to only one command.
Preparing the device. Take out the battery. We are waiting for a bit. Re-insert. We connect it with a cable to the computer. From the PC via the console we send the right team Reset: adb reboot recovery . And we hope that everything will turn out.
Finally. The data from the SD card that you inserted into a special slot on your phone or tablet will not be erased. Do not be afraid.

AT operating system Android has so much of everything that when you start to figure it out, your eyes run. For example, do you know what it is? And this, by the way, is the recovery menu. There are other modes, for example, Factory Mode . What it is?

Factory Mode is translated from English as "factory mode." In fact, it is a utility embedded into the firmware for testing and configuring your smartphone. Factory Mode consists of several main points, they can be either 5 or 10, depending on the version of your device. Sometimes there is a menu of just 3 points. Here, for example, Factory Mode, consisting of 9 menu items.

You may notice that the menu of the factory mode in this case is in English, which is already good. On some smartphones this menu may be in Chinese dialect and it will be much more difficult to understand it.

Some of the menu items are:

  • Full Test, Auto Test - a full test of the smartphone, where all possible parameters are checked.
  • Item Test is a selective test. The user chooses what exactly he needs to check.
  • GPS - check the positioning of the device.
  • Clear eMMC - resetting the device to factory settings, deleting all data (similar to wipe data / factory reset Recovery Mode ).
  • Debug Test - debug mode.
  • Test Report - test alert.

In part, the Factory Mode can replace the Recovery Mode (for example, to reset the settings), but these are completely different modes. In addition, on most devices, Factory Mode only allows you to test your smartphone, but will not let you perform other actions like the same (Hard Reset).

By the way, we draw your attention to the fact that moving around the Factory Mode is done with the help of mechanical keys (Power and sound adjustment keys), although the touch control keys located below the screen are also used somewhere.

How to enable Factory Mode?

Factory Mode can not be found in every smartphone. Some manufacturers have abandoned it for the simple reason that the device is tested using proprietary utilities or special key combinations.

If your device has a Factory Mode, most often it starts:

Pressing the Power key and the key to increase the sound of the device turned off:

When you press the Power key and the decrease key of the device off sound:

When you press the Power key and the keys to increase and decrease the sound at the same time the device is turned off:

In this case, you can run Recovery Mode or another menu, be careful.

How to exit Factory Mode?

It is very simple. AT Factory menu Mode you can see the item Reboot - in the translation "Reboot".

That is what you need to choose to reboot the device. In this case, the smartphone will be loaded as usual. You don't need to do anything else.

How to exit Factory Mode?
For example, do you know what it is?
What it is?
How to enable Factory Mode?
How to exit Factory Mode?