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Опубликовано: 17.04.2017

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Ukrainian marriage agencies. Interview with Michael Mordinson

For over two decades now western men including many from the USA have been travelling to Ukraine searching for a wife to marry, and for over two decades now Western men have been scammed out of money in the process.

Though there are just a small handful of Western owned Ukrainian marriage agencies in Ukraine the vast majority are operated by Ukrainian outfits intent on scamming as much money from Western men as possible. This has been going on for over twenty years. The whole ukrainian marriage agency thing is a complete scam, you will be sent fake letters and expected to pay to open them, you will meet Ukrainian women who are paid by the agency to pretend to be interested when you visit and at the same time will take you to the most expensive restaurants in town. We have all heard the stories! And it is an on going problem.

But times have moved on and fast over the last 15 years, if you really are serous to meet a Ukrainian women for marriage then there is no need anymore to become a victim of some scam operation.

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